What is Yoga?

“Yoga is a state of union between two opposites – body and mind; individual and universal consciousness; a process of uniting the opposing forces in the body and mind in order to achieve supreme awareness and enlightenment, from the Sanskrit yug meaning “to join together or yoke”; a system of techniques to enable the joining of the physical and emotional/spiritual bodies”. (www.yogaglossary.com)

So , yoga in the west as we know it , is a system of movement of the body and breath to create harmony, wellness, flexibility, strength and peace. If we commit to a regular practice we bring about change to the way we move and rest in our bodies, finding greater and greater ease.

Yoga can be practiced by anybody at any age or ability, because it can be adapted to meet all needs, body types, imbalances and preferences. You just need comfortable clothing which allows you to move easily, a mat and a willingness to explore your body. Yoga is life, breath, movement and when we engage with our bodies with awareness we can create a different way of being for ourselves and the way we live in the world.